The New Frontiers Council is the governing body of the organization. It is made up of seven officers elected by the members for a one year term along with chairs and co-chairs of five standing committees. Representatives from the Office of Community and Continuing Education at Mesa Community College are also present at meetings. Meet our Council. Click on the title to submit an e-mail.

President: Dan Taylor
Roland Tanner
Vice-President: Roland Tanner
Greg Master
Treasurer: Greg Master
Secretary: Diane Grogan
Mary Boehlen
Member at Large: Mary Boehlen
Member at Large: Anne Stehr
Member at Large: Sandra Whitley
Member at Large: Dan Scarpone

Curriculum Chair: Ruth Brooks
nancy olson

Curriculum Co-Chair: Nancy Olson

Membership Chair: Barbara Dixon

Social Chair:
Social Co-chair: Peggy Schulz
Communications Co-chair: Peggy Randolph

Skip Carney

Volunteer Co-chair: Skip Carney

Diana Pearce

Sunshine Lady: Diana Pearce