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About Us

New Frontiers is an organization dedicated to helping adults to continue their discovery of knowledge, advance their learning, and pursue new experiences in a fun and friendly setting. Founded in 1995, New Frontiers for Lifelong Learning was created through the auspices of the Mesa Community College, which is located in Mesa, Arizona and serves the communities of the East Valley of metropolitan Phoenix. We are a peer-led, self-governing organization with interests in volunteer opportunities, travel, hiking, healthy life styles, and learning for fun on a variety of topics.

Among our accomplishments:

Class Enrollment
Members enroll as noncredit students through Mesa Community College. Class registration is processed by an external, online service paid for by New Frontiers. Class registration handles over 4,000 registrants a year for the up to 200 classes offered in the Spring, Fall and Summer semesters.
Our Partnership with Mesa Community College
Mesa Community College supports New Frontiers with enrollment services, room scheduling, and financial reports from the District office. The College processes New Frontiers purchase orders, and petty cash. New Frontiers is grateful for the assistance provided by Dr. Nora Reyes, Vice Provost-Red Mountain; Neva Hansen, Administrative Specialist Senior; and Jeanie Shurwin, Office Assistant . New Frontiers members recognize the vital support of the College is key to their ability to age successfully by expanding their learning horizons.
Contributing to the Community
Over the years, New Frontiers members have served on the Mesa Community College Commission on Excellence in Education, Center for Community and Civic Engagement and the Red Mountain Campus Advisory Committee. Members routinely volunteer with College programs such as Empty Bowls, Learning across the Generations, Human Library and Connect for Success. Learn more about our Community Outreach programs!
Helping Others Further Their Education
This past year, 133 New Frontiers members volunteered over 7,600 hours to support the curriculum, membership, social, communications, volunteers and the New Frontiers Council. The Council is the leadership arm and is composed of officers, committee chairs and at-large members.  In addition, New Frontiers awarded four $1,000 student scholarships this past year working with the College Scholarship office.

Historical Overview

The following points explain how New Frontiers for Lifelong Learning was created and how it became the organization it is today:

The Roots of Our Organization
In the early 1990’s, Mesa Community College (MCC) created an Advisory Council for Lifelong Learning and Retired Professionals.  This Advisory Council was composed of College administrators and leaders in the community.  They were vocal that MCC must have a strong community education focus, and in 1994, they developed New Frontiers for Lifelong Learning (NFLL). Over the last 24 years, it has truly become a vital part of the community.
The Founding
In the Spring of 1995, the 70-member New Frontiers’ charter group was organized with the support of the MCC Center for Community Education.  A Memo of Understanding and Operating Procedures were written and accepted by MCC and the Maricopa County Community College District Legal Department.  They are still part of our Governing and Operating Documents.
Community members interested in programs developed by the New Frontiers volunteers enrolled in the noncredit classes and paid $60 a year for memberships. Out of the $60 membership fee, $40 was used by New Frontiers for programs and $20 was retained by the College. In 2013, the College requested an increase to $35 per member, and dues were increased to $80 annually. This annual fee allows our more than 400 members to take as many classes as they want throughout the year. New Frontiers operates on a budget of under $20,000 annually and has a modest cash reserve to ensure that all bills are paid on time.

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