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A Program of Mesa Community College

Expand your world!

New Frontiers for Lifelong Learning


Members of New Frontiers have the opportunity to take classes in subjects varying from dancing and hiking to self-improvement and financial strategies. Enroll at any time prior to the class. To make your scheduling easier, an Open House is conducted prior to the Spring and Fall semesters so you may inquire about classes. You may take as many classes as desired with no additional cost. Check out the Schedule for class descriptions, then register online, starting on the registration date.

Classes Offered

Spring 2019 Class Schedule - revised Feb 13, 2019
Class schedules are printed for the Fall and Spring semesters and an informal one for the summer. They are subject to frequent revisions. Please contact Ruth Brooks with any changes or corrections.
Class Registration
Only paid members may register for New Frontiers classes. Class registration is through New Frontiers' registration application, which is independent of the Maricopa Community College system. See our detailed instructions for class registration. The same procedure applies to registering for events and volunteer projects.

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Class Information and Resources

Classroom Location Maps
New Frontiers holds classes at various locations. These maps show site location for Southern/Dobson and Red Mountain campuses.
Risk Forms
When attending 'Risky Business' at-risk functions, the Maricopa Community Colleges requires a release form be signed and on file for each category of risk. The risk forms are contained in the Forms Library.
Class Proposal Form
Is there a subject that you wish was offered as a class, or would you like to teach a class yourself? Complete the form with as much information available and email it to contact person in form header.
DVD and VHS Tapes - updated February 24, 2019
New Frontiers has a library of 22 subject categories of DVDs and VHS tapes for facilitating classes and for your enjoyment.
The library is in an Excel spreadsheet. The first tab is a summary of all subject material and the remaining 22 subject tabs shows additional information and its availability.
If you find a subject that interests you, consider facilitating a class after reviewing the material. If you are interested in borrowing any DVDs, please contact David Ramis.
Facilitator's Toolbox
Class facilitators conduct classes or host non-member speakers. This toolbox guides, forms and classroom and equipment is provided.

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