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COVID-19 Updates: COVID-19 MCC's campuses are now open. Masks are required while indoors. Student services are available virtually and in our enrollment centers.
MCCCD Reinstates Indoor Mask Requirements at all 10 Colleges.

Class Information and Resources

Classroom Location Maps
New Frontiers holds classes at various locations. These maps show site location for Southern/Dobson and Red Mountain campuses.
Risk Forms
When attending 'Risky Business' at-risk functions, the Maricopa Community Colleges requires a release form be signed and on file for each category of risk. The risk forms are contained in the Forms Library.
Class Proposal Form
Is there a class you would like to offer as a class or have a non member who wants to teach a class for New Frontiers. Complete the form with as much information available and email it to the contact person listed on the form.
DVD and VHS Tapes
New Frontiers has a DVD and VHS tape library of over 20 subject categories for facilitating classes and for your personal enjoyment. The library is in an Excel spreadsheet organized alphabetically by category and then by topic within each category.
To find a subject that interests you or are consider facilitating a class, please proceed to the Facilitator's Toolbox - DVD Library.
Facilitator's Toolbox
Class facilitators conduct classes or host and assist non-member speakers.
This toolbox has resources to assist facilitators including a written guide and a video demonstrating setting up the instructor station for a presentation, along with a basic guide and forms.

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