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Classes Offered

Class Registration
Only paid members may register for New Frontiers classes. Class registration is through New Frontiers' registration application, which is independent of the Maricopa Community College system. See our detailed instructions for class registration. The same procedure applies to registering for events and volunteer projects.
Class and Activity Fees: approved October 8, 2018
There are occasions where there is a fee to participate in a class. Sometimes paying the fee is beneficial to the student.
Summer 2020 Class Schedule
Class schedules are printed and mailed for the Fall and Spring semesters. The summer schedule is available online. They are subject to frequent revisions.
Please contact Ruth Brooks with any changes or corrections.


Catalog Changes-at-a-Glance
Class Title Campus Change Date Page Number Class Status From To
Class List: 
Please click this link if you would like to see an alphabetized list of all classes this semester with their date, day of the week, time and room. The file’s revision date is at upper top-left of column A. The file will be updated whenever there is a change.

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