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COVID-19 Updates: COVID-19 MCC's campuses are now open. Masks are required while indoors. Student services are available virtually and in our enrollment centers.
MCCCD Reinstates Indoor Mask Requirements at all 10 Colleges.

Classes Offered

Class Registration
Only paid members may register for New Frontiers classes. Class registration is through New Frontiers' registration application, which is independent of the Maricopa Community College system.
See our detailed instructions on How to Register for New Frontiers Classes (20200823). The same procedure applies to registering for events and volunteer projects.

Alternative Solution for Enrolling and Paying for New Frontiers

The Fall/Spring enrollment fee for the 2021/2022 school year has been reduced to $60!

Those having problems attempting to enroll (pay your New Frontiers fees), whether it be the SIS system, the Ad-Blocker, or calling the cashier to pay, here is a solution.

Fill out and submit this Google FORM. Neva and Michelle will enroll you into the SIS system (for New Frontiers). You will receive a follow up call from the MCC cashier for credit card payment.

Additional information is on the form.

Class and Activity Fees: approved October 8, 2018
There are occasions where there is an additional fee to participate in a class. Sometimes paying the fee is beneficial to the student.
Fall Class Schedule (Sep 15th)
Fall/Spring/Summer Class schedules are available online. They are subject to frequent revisions. The schedule is mailed to those members lacking internet access.
NOTE We will do separate registration for online and in-person classes for the following: Capitalism vs Socialism, Tuscany & Umbria, Cambodia, Hauntings, and Wild Card.
REQUIRED COVID-19 FORM ALL NFLL MEMBERS: All NFLL members are required to complete the "COVID-19 Return to College Acknowledgements - New Frontier." Click here to complete the on-line form. Check all the boxes before submitting.
Click here to print and mail the form to:

Neva Hansen
Mesa Community College | Red Mountain
Program Coordinator ~ Office of Community Partnerships
7110 E. McKellips Rd. Mesa, AZ 85207

REQUIRED RISK FORM: New and returning NFLL members need to complete the new Risk Form (2019). The risk form is for any outdoors activities or any activity where there is a possibility of injury.
NEW Fall 2021 Faculty bios
2021 Catalog Changes-at-a-Glance
Class Title Date Change Type of Chage Originally Changed To
Meaning of Car Ratings 9/10 Cancelled
Driver Assist Technologies 9/10 Cancelled
Making College Affordable 9/12 Date Change 10/12 10/14
Cambodia 9/12 on-line and in-person
Opera in Love and War 9/12 Cancelled
Great Decisions 9/12 Recently added to class schedule
Songs of War 9/14 Online In-person Online Only
Retiring Abroad or Expatriating 9/14 Online In-person Online Only
Alzheimer's Caregiving 9/14 Date Change Oct 28, Nov 4, Nov 11 Nov 4, Nov 11, Dec 2
Trip to Egypt Land of Pharaohs 9/15 Online In-person Online Only - Webex
WWII History from the Sky 9/14 Date Change Oct 17 Oct 18
Please contact Suzanne Brown with changes or corrections.

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