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Council Members

The New Frontiers Council is the governing body of the organization. It is made up of seven officers (elected by the members for a one year term) along with the chairs of five standing committees: Curriculum, Membership, Social, Communications, and Volunteering. Representatives from the Office of Community and Continuing Education at Mesa Community College are also present at meetings.

Meet our Council!

Dan Taylor, President
Dan Taylor
Roland Tanner, Vice President
Vice President
Roland Tanner
Greg Masters, Treasurer
Greg Master
Diane Grogan, Secretary
Diane Grogan
Diane Grogan, Secretary
Past President
Marlin Fried

Committee Chairs

The Chairs of the Curriculum, Social, Communications, and Membership Committees. Our Curriculum Committee is in charge of class schedules. The Social Committee plans and coordinates social activities. The Support Services/Communications spreads the word about our activities and publishes our newsletter. The Membership Committee raises awareness of the organization and recruits new members.

Ruth Brooks, Curriculum Chair
Curriculum Chair
Ruth Brooks
Peggy Randolph, Communications Co-Chair
Support Services/Communications Chair
Peggy Randolph
Arlys Medlicott, Communications Co-Chair
Support Services/Communications Co-Chair
Arlys Medlicott
Mary Boehlen , Membership Chair
Membership Chair
Mary Boehlen
Mary Ellen McGonigle, Membership Co-Chair
Membership Co-Chair
Mary Ellen McGonigle
Peggy Schulz, Social Chair
Social Chair
Peggy Schulz


Service is an important part of our organization. Our Volunteer Committee arranges volunteer opportunities for our members who would like to share their time and talents with others. Our Sunshine Lady is also ready to help support members who are experiencing the loss of a dear one, are hospitalized, or have a long-term illness. Help the Sunshine Lady spread her sunshine by informing her of the need.

Barbara Thelander, Membership Co-Chair
Volunteer Chair
Barbara Thelander
Volunteer Co-Chair
Cathy McGonigle
Diana Pearce, Sunshine Lady
Sunshine Lady
Diana Pearce

Members at Large

Members at Large represent the general membership and can bring issues to the attention of the Council.

Mary Boehlen, Member at Large
Member at Large
Mary Boehlen
Anne Stehr, Member at Large
Member at Large
Anne Stehr
Sandra Whitley, Member at Large
Member at Large
Sandra Whitley
Dan Scarpone, Member at Large
Member at Large
Dan Scarpone

NFLL’s Liaison with MCC

Although they are not members of the council, we would also like to call attention to our organization's liaisons with Mesa Community College. Neva Hansen is part of the Community Partnerships Office at MCC Red Mountain located in Desert Willow Bldg, room DW136B. Learn more about our community affiliations on our Contact page.

Neva Hansen, New Frontiers Liaison with Mesa Community College
NFLL Liaison
Neva Hansen (480) 461-7497(480) 461-7497
Michelle Chambers, New Frontiers Liaison with Mesa Community College
NFLL Liaison
Michelle Chambers (480) 461-6266(480) 461-6266

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