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Enrolling at either the Southern & Dobson or Red Mountain Campus

Visit the Enrollment Center, our one-stop-shop for all your enrollment needs. Upon entering you will be welcomed by a Greeter, employees identified by wearing name tags on lanyards. They will direct you on how best to get started and guide you through the process.

  1. Bring your valid government-issued photo ID. Please keep in mind they may need to make a copy of your ID.
  2. Visit one of the two enrollment centers that is most convenient,
    • Southern & Dobson Campus, Bldg 39, Enrollment Center (campus map)
    • Red Mountain Campus, Mesquite Bldg (campus map).
    • Neva Hansen is New Frontiers liasion and her office is in the Desert Willow Bldg, 1st floor, room DW136B. She or the staff will assist you through the enrollment process. You may call Neva at (480) 461-7497(480) 461-7497 for additional assistance.
  3. There are people to help you if you are unsure what to do once you arrive.
  4. Tell the person at the desk you wish to sign-up and pay for New Frontiers class number "26352" SENIORS 100-10200. Knowing your MEID or Student ID number will speed things up a bit. The annual membership (the fall, spring and summer semesters) costs $80.00 starting on September 1st and ending on August 31st. Payment may be paid with cash, check, money order, or debit/credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express).
  5. Enrollment Center Hours,
    • Summer Business Hours: Mon-Thu: 7 am – 6 pm. Closed Fri, Sat and Sun.
    • Regular Business Hours: Mon-Thu: 8 am – 6 pm & Fri: 10 am – 5 pm. Closed Sat and Sun.
  6. Caution: Expect long waits in August, when credit students are enrolling.

Enroll Online using the Student Information System (SIS)

The enrollment process may be done anytime online. Allow about 30 minutes to complete all the steps.

  1. We provide detailed instructions for enrolling online in a .pdf file: Paying "joining fees" online. If you are new to the process keep these instructions open as you complete the steps.
  2. Go to
  3. To begin, scroll down and select an icon labeled "Student Center". Student Center Icon
  4. This will open the Student Information System. Login with your MEID and password. If you forget either your MEID or password, there are links on the page that will provide you with help.SIS Login Example

Registering for New Frontiers Class

New or current members of New Frontiers are able to register for classes following the Open House.

The Open House is held once in the Fall (September) and Spring (January) semesters at either the Dobson & Southern or Red Mountain Campus. This is an excellent opportunity to preview classes of interest and meet fellow members.

New members are encouraged to create an account early before the Open House. Follow this link: New User Account and select "Start Here" directly below the Login.

Screen shot for creating a New Frontiers account

On-line registration for classes is available the following Tuesday following the Open House. Additional information is available in our Class Schedule.