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New Frontiers for Lifelong Learning

Expand your world!

New Frontiers for Lifelong Learning

Enrolling at either Dobson or Red Mountain Campus

Enrolling on campus is the easiest method of enrollment. You can complete everything you need in one stop!

  1. Bring your valid government-issued photo ID. Please keep in mind they may need to make a copy of your ID.
  2. Go to one of the two enrollment centers, Dobson or Red Mountain Campuses. There are people to help you if you are unsure what to do once you arrive. Caution: Expect very long waits in August, when credit students are enrolling.

Dobson Campus Instructions

  • At the Dobson Enrollment Center, go to the Welcome Desk to check-in. The shortest wait‑times are early in the morning. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 8am‑6pm and Friday 8am‑5pm. Knowing your MEID or Student ID number will speed things up a bit.
  • Tell the person at the desk that you wish to sign up for the class and "Pay" for New Frontiers (class #25116) where you will be placed in the queue for the next available Cashier. If you have your cell phone, you will get a text message with the Cashier station number when it is your turn. Your name will also appear on a large screen on the wall. When your name reaches the top of the list, you will be directed to go to a designated station. They will not announce your name, so watch the large tv screen or your phone for a text message.
  • Go to the designated station, provide your photo ID, and enroll. The Class Number for 2018/2019 annual membership is "25116" SENIORS 100-10200.

Red Mountain Campus Instructions

  • On the Red Mountain Campus, go to the Desert Willow Bldg, 1st floor, room DW136B. Ask for Neva Hansen, our liaison, and she or the staff will assist you through the enrollment process. You may call Neva at (480) 461-7497(480) 461-7497 for additional assistance.