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Facilitator's Toolbox

We appreciate the dedication of our members who volunteer as facilitators to conduct classes in subjects of their interests and those who host classes conducted by non-member facilitators. To make your job easier, we have put together tools that will assist in your functions.

Facilitator Guides

Some information to help you get started!

Facilitator's Checklist: updated September 9, 2019
Are you presenting a class or assisting a guest presenter? Here is a basic guide to your functions and duties along with important contact information to assist you.
MCC Classroom Technology How to: revised September 26, 2019
Need to use the technical equipment furnished in a classroom? Here is a guide to help you navigate use of the equipment!
We also have a Podium Training Video: revised 2018. This video was filmed at the Red Mountain Campus and should be applicable to the Dobson/Southern Campus.
Ordering Copies from MCC Copy Center: revised Nov 20, 2019
Need copies for your New Frontiers classroom or activity. Pam Carter created the above document detailing the steps to follow when placing your order. Do not hesitate to contact the center if you have any questions or Pam Carter.
Classroom Location Maps
Don't know where a particular classroom is located? A majority of New Frontiers classes are held at the Southern and Dobson or the Red Mountain campuses. Classes are also hosted at other facilities in the East Valley. This information is available in the class schedule.
Campus Safety and Emergency Information
The Mesa Community College Police page offers guides to explain how to handle different types of emergencies, from medical emergencies to various types of crimes. There is even a video from Ohio State University which explains what to do in case of an active shooter. It is especially handy to note the phone numbers of the College Police for each campus and keep them in your cell phone's address book in case you need them. Remember that 911 is for all violent crimes and life-threatening emergencies!

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Risk Forms
When attending 'Risky Business' at-risk functions, the Maricopa Community Colleges requires a signed release form for each category of risk. By signing these forms, you assume all risk. An at-risk form is valid for the life of your membership with New Frontiers.
There are three types of risk forms.
  • Risk #1 Outdoors: hiking, birding and picnics.
  • Risk #2 Dance & Posture: dance, posture, bowling or other physical activities.
  • Risk #3 Tour & Excursion: travel in a group to galleries, museums or long trips.
  • Class Proposal Form
    If you or someone you know is passionate about volunteering to teach a class, please complete the Class Proposal Form.

    Deadlines for submission of class proposals are Fall: July 1; Spring: November 1; and Summer: April 15. Early submission is greatly appreciated.

    Non-Solicitation/Disclosure Form: revised May 2017
    A required form to be signed by guest presenters prior to the start of their class. This defines the role of the presenter and protecting the privacy of New Frontiers members.

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    DVD Library

    DVD and VHS Tapes: updated October 9, 2019
    New Frontiers has a library of 22 subject categories of DVDs and VHS tapes for facilitating classes and for your enjoyment.
    The library is in an Excel spreadsheet. The first tab is a summary of all subject material and the remaining 22 subject tabs shows additional information and its availability.
    If you find a subject that interests you, consider facilitating a class after reviewing the material. If you are interested in borrowing any DVDs, please contact David Ramis.

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