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COVID-19 Updates: COVID-19 MCC's campuses are now open. Masks are encouraged indoors while on campus. Student services are available virtually and in our enrollment centers. Please be aware that members of the faculty may require masks based on the needs in their classes and we ask that you follow each of your instructor’s requirements regarding mask wearing.

Facilitator Guides

Some information to help you get started!

Dept of Public Safety patch
Campus safety is paramount. Click here for EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS FOR BOTH MCC & Red Mountain. Additional information prepared by Pam Carter is detailed by clicking here or the below image.
Campus Safety and Emergency Information
There is additional campus safety such as Emergency Procedures and Emergency Preparedness.
Facilitator's Checklist MCC/Red Mountain Classrooms (Sept 17, 2021)
Facilitator's Checklist for Online Classes (Sept 17, 2021)
Are you presenting a class or assisting a guest presenter? Here two guides, classroom or online, describing your functions and duties along with important contact information to assist you.
MCC Classroom Technology How to (Jan 9, 2020)
Need to use the technical equipment furnished in a classroom? Here is a guide to help you navigate use of the equipment!
person at photo copy machine
Ordering Copies from the MCC Copy Center - revised Oct 21, 2021
There has been a change in the copying procedure. For now on, please take or send the material to be printed to Neva Hansen in the NFLL Office.
Classroom Location Maps
Don't know where a particular classroom is located? A majority of New Frontiers classes are held at the Southern and Dobson or the Red Mountain campuses. Classes are also hosted at other facilities in the East Valley. This information is available in the class schedule.

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