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Forms Library

If you are looking for a risk form for a class, or if would like to suggest a class to be offered, see the forms listed below.

Risk Forms

Mesa Community College (MCC) requires that a General Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability risk form be on file for each person attending our more adventurous, "at-risk" offerings. You must sign the designated risk form before attending any of the classes listed in the “Risky Business” category in the Class Schedule. There are different types of risk forms, and the ones you will need depend on your types of activities.

There are three types of Risk Forms:

Please check page 3 of the Class Schedule for the type of form(s) you need for your classes. Other “risky” activities will state the Risk Form required in the description.

Submitting Risk Forms:

If you already have the risk form on file:

Risk forms remain in effect for Continuing Members. If you have submitted the appropriate type of form in the past, you do not have to complete another of the same type. If you are not sure whether the correct form is on file, please e-mail our Risk Form Coordinator, Marlin Fried, at or call him at (480) 820-6126(480) 820-6126.

If you do not have the risk form on file:

If you are a New Member or a Continuing Member who does not have the designated risk form for your activity on file, follow this procedure for submitting your form:

  1. Print, Complete, and Sign the correct form:
    • Choose the appropriate Risk Form (or forms) above.
    • Print the form(s) you need. They are all in Adobe Reader (.pdf) format.
    • If you are unable to print the form(s) yourself, contact Marlin Fried to have a copy mailed to you.
    • Complete and sign the form(s).
  2. Submit completed form(s) to Marlin Fried in one of the following ways:
    • To send it electronically, scan the printed and signed form and e-mail the scanned copy to Marlin Fried at
    • To send your form by postal mail, address it to:
      Marlin Fried
      619 W Straford Dr
      Chandler, AZ 85225
    • To submit it in person, give the Risk Form to the class Facilitator on your first day of  attending the first class.

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Class Proposal Form

Class Proposal Form: revised Jan 5, 2021
Is there a class you've been yearning to take? A subject you want to learn more about? Do you know someone (or yourself), that would love to teach a class? Suggest it for a future offering.

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