Letter from the President

President, Roland Tanner

Dear New Frontier Friends,

New Frontiers for Lifelong Learning (NFLL) in coordination with Mesa Community College (MCC) pandemic requirements, will have on-site classes and video classes at both Dobson and Red Mountain Campuses for Spring and Summer of 2022. The majority of the classes will be offered in Zoom, and some may be in WebEx. Training will be provided in either, for new NFLL members if/when needed.

Our Social Committee has had several “Out to Lunch” events where everyone is invited to attend and enjoy the socialization. We will continue to solicit recommendations for “Out to Lunch” events from interested members.

Membership for the 2022 Spring and Summer session is ONLY $60.

All current NFLL members have an MEID login (which typically is the first three letters of your first name followed by seven numbers, ie, ABC1234567) and access to a free MCC Gmail account at maricopa.edu. This allows ALL of you free access to Office 365 and Cisco WebEx as well as hefty discounts on other software applications purchased through MCC.

All of you also have access to student discounts on educational products and the Google Suite of software under your MCC account. This includes Google Meet (comparable to ZOOM) which is now free under your MCC student status.

Please join us in our fun filled “Lifelong Learning” process where new friends are made, and new knowledge is shared.

Kind regards to all of you,

Roland Tanner

President NFLL

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