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Process For Reporting Volunteer Hours

New Frontiers members should track and report volunteer hours, including travel time, in the following three categories as appropriate:
  • New Frontiers

  • Mesa Community College (MCC). All hours volunteered for MCC during the course of the year should be tracked and reported.

  • Outside community organizations.  Only track and report volunteer hours for outside community organizations for which New Frontiers recruited volunteers during the course of the year. 

All volunteer hours should be self-reported to Diane Batchlor at

Ann records volunteer hours for the Advisory Council and reports hours to the Council based only on the information you provide her.  Consequently, it is very important for you to break down for her the number of hours you spent volunteering for New Frontiers, MCC, and pertinent outside community organizations.

You are encouraged to report New Frontiers volunteer hours throughout the course of the year.  When volunteering for events at MCC or an outside community organization, it is recommended that you report your hours following the event.

If you prefer, you may instead report your total hours (broken down by category) in the spring upon receiving our request for all-member volunteer hours.

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