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Health & Safety: Learn Safe in Fall 2020 with Maricopa Community Colleges
Planning on returning to campus or the workplace? Review important guidelines here!
MCC Dobson serves as COVID-19 drive-thru testing site.
ASU serves as COVID-19 drive-thru testing site.

New Frontiers Calendar

New Frontiers' calendar is continually updated with information about committee meetings, social events, and functions of interest to all. Select an event to view details and map locations.

  • Today tab: sets the calendar today
  • Blue arrows: scrolls through the calendar by the week, month or screen view
  • Date view: shows the current date range for week, month or agenda; or select a different date range
  • Print: print the current calendar view
  • Week: view the current week
  • Month: view the current month
  • Agenda: view the days that events

Committee chairs, please click here to email your meetings and major events to both Mary Kay and Marlin Fried.

Important Dates - updated August 2020

Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 semesters

Day Date Event

Fall 2020

  Dec.7 Send Class schedule to proofreaders for feedback
  Dec. 9 NFLL classes end
  Dec. 13 MCC last class day
  Dec. 14 Proofreaders send feedback to class schedule designer
  Dec. 17 Finalize class schedule
  Dec. Send class schedule to printer -find out when closed
  Jan. Receive/pick up printed class schedule, newsletter, etc.
  Jan. Mail Class Schedule, Newsletter, etc.

Spring 2021

Sat Jan. 16 MCC Classes begin
Fri Jan. 22 Open House
Wed Jan. 27 Registration
Mon Feb. 1 NFLL Classes begin
Tues May. 26 NFLL Classes end
Thur July. 2 Observance of Independence Day for Employees
Thur July. 30 NFLL summer classes end

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