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New Frontiers for Lifelong Learning

New Frontiers Calendar

New Frontiers' calendar is continually updated with information about committee meetings, social events, and functions of interest to all. Select an event to view details and map locations.

  • Today tab: sets the calendar today
  • Blue arrows: scrolls through the calendar by the week, month or screen view
  • Date view: shows the current date range for week, month or agenda; or select a different date range
  • Print: print the current calendar view
  • Week: view the current week
  • Month: view the current month
  • Agenda: view the days that events

Important Dates

2019 NF Spring Semester

Created 8/13/2018, revised 8/15/2018

Date Event
January 2 Class schedule is delivered to MCC
January 3 Mail class schedule to members
January 4 Early registration for early NFLL classes
January 10 Curriculum meeting
January 11 Out-to-Lunch Bunch
January 12 MCC Spring semester begins
January 21 Martin Luther King Day
January 25 Open House - Red Mountain Campus
January 29 NFLL Class Registration for classes
February 4 NFLL classes begin
February 8 Out-to-Lunch
February 14 Curriculum meeting
February 22 New Members Coffee - Red Mountain Campus
February 18 President’s Day - No class
March 8 Out-to-Lunch
March 11-16 Spring Break
March 22 All Members Meeting (tentative)
April 11 Picnic
April 15 Deadline for Proposals for summer classes
April 26 Volunteer lunch - EVIT
April 26 NFLL semester ends
May 6-9 MCC exams
May 10 MCC semester ends
May 10 Out-to-lunch
May 27 Memorial Day

Summer Semester - 2019

Date Event
May 28 MCC Summer Semester begins (tentative)
July 1 Fall semester Proposal Deadline
July 4 Independence Day – No class
July 31 NFLL summer classes end (tentative)
August 1 MCC Summer Semester ends
August 8 Curriculum Committee
August ? Mesa Fall Classes start

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