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2020 Photos taken by New Frontiers members and shared for your enjoyment.

Thursday Morning Bike Ride (we are social distancing)
Thursday Morning Bike Ride
10/22/2020 (we are social distancing)
Quartz Ridge Trail, Apr 3, photos by Marie-France Ganansia
Siphon Draw from Crosscut Trail Head, March 27, photos by Marie-France Ganansia and Ron Schueman
NFLL Bus Tour - San Xavier Mission, Tubac and Tumacacori March 12, photos by Mary Kay Owen and Marie-France Ganansia
Papago Park Hike - March 9 above photos by Helen & William Lents and by Marie-France Ganansia
Ocotillo-Sidewinder Loop Hike - Phx Sonoran Preserve - March 6, combined photos by Marie-France Ganansia and Allan Zisner
Desert Arroyo Park walk, March 4, photos by Diane Fallert (mostly) and Mary Adamick
Seven Springs Hike, March 3, photos by Fred Searing
Dixie Mountain Loop Trail, Phoenix's Sonoran Preserve, Feb 28, photos by Ron Schueman
Mormon Loop-National Trail, South Mountain Park, Feb 21, photos by Ron Schueman
Trailers-Wagner, Granite, Bluff loop, Feb 25, photos by Marie-France Ganansia
The Amazing Atacama, Feb 21, photos by Mary Kay Owen
Tour of the Heard Museum, Feb 19, photos by Mary Kay Owen
Freestone Park, Feb 19, photos by Mary Adamack
Rancho de Tia Rosa's (Out-to-Lunch), Feb 14, photos by Mary Kay Owen 
Massacre Grounds, Feb 14, photos by Marie-France Ganansia and Ron Schueman
NFLL New Member Coffee Feb 7, photos by Mary Kay Owen
Walkers Riverview Park, Feb 5, photos by Mary Adamick
Skyline and Quartz Mine Loop Trail, Skyline Regional Park, Jan 31 photos by  Ron Schueman
NFLL Open House - Jan 24, photos by Mary Kay Owen and Marie-France Ganansia
Hidden Valley - Jan 17, photos by Marie-France Ganansia, Fred Searing and Bob Dukelow
Soleri Bell Foundry Tour - Jan 16, photos by Mary Kay Owen
Out-to Lunch Famous Dave's BBQ, Jan 10, photos by Mary Kay Owen
Marcus Landside-Rock Knob-Pemberton-Bolder Loop (Tom Thumb Trailhead, Jan 10, photos by Marie-France Ganansia and Fred Searing

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