New Frontiers utilizes forms some required of by the college and by our organization.

MCCCD Risk Release Form, Oct 25, 2019

mcccd risk release form

When attending at-risk functions, such as outdoor activities, exercise classes, or carpooling to field trips, the Maricopa Community Colleges requires a signed release form.

NFLL Google Class Proposal Form (NEW)

Is there a subject that you wish was offered as a class, or would you like to teach a class yourself? Find out how!

The new Class Proposal form is a Google form. This online form replaces all previously printed copies because of obsolete contact information and content.

When you click on the link, fill out the information and hit the Submit button, it will automatically save it to an NFLL drive. This will allow the Curriculum Committee to easily see all proposals, make any changes, and develop our class schedule.

We thank all of those NFLL members who have given feedback to make this form better and easier to use!

Non-Solicitation/Disclosure Form, May 2007

non-solicitation disclosure agreement

A required form to be signed by guest presenters prior to the start of their class. This defines the role of the presenter and protecting the privacy of New Frontiers members.

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