New Frontiers offers a variety of classes in-person or via video conferencing.

Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Spring Schedule (revised Jan 31) may be viewed on your device or printed for later viewing.

The most current class schedule is always available on this page.

A free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is available for download here. (1) Deselect all "Optional Offers." (2) Select the "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" to download the free version.

The New Frontiers class schedule is available in print PDF or viewed as a magazine below.

Fall/Spring/Summer Class Schedules are available online. They are subject to frequent revisions. The fall and spring schedules are mailed to all current and prior year members.

Please contact Suzanne Brown with changes or corrections.

Dobson and Red Mountain Campus Maps

Classroom locations on either the Dobson or Red Mountain can be challenging. Here are links to both campus maps.

Dobson/Southern campus map. Download the pdf map

Red Mountain campus map. Download the pdf map

Viewing the Class Schedule as a magazine

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Speakers’ Biographies Spring 2023 (pending)

Interested in knowing something about the instructor teaching a class, read their biography.

Spring 2023 Class Schedule Changes-at-a-Glance

Please review the changes below for upcoming classes. Most of the changes are room assignments.

Date Chg pg Description Correction
Jan 14 pg 2 corrected registration date Tue, Jan 24
Jan 14 pg 4 corrected "Does AZ Have Enough Water?" date March 3
Jan 30 pg 18 Movies Old and Older should read Mon Feb 6-27 (no class on Feb 20), March 6, 13
Jan 31 pg 19 More Games Cancelled
Jan 31 pg 14 AZ Caregiver Coalition: Powerful Tools for Caregiver Cancelled

Joining New Frontiers

Please contact the Mesa Community College Center for Continuing and Community Education at 480-461-7497 or email your questions. They can assist with becoming a member of New Frontiers and paying the membership fee. Be sure to leave a message if they are away from their desk.

Registering for New Frontier Classes

If your New Frontiers membership is current, you may register for classes anytime. New and returning members should update their profile.

Unsure how to register for New Frontier classes, please review this document.

If registering late for classes, please contact the facilitator listed in the class schedule.

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