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MCCCD Reinstates Indoor Mask Requirements at all 10 Colleges.

New Frontiers Committees

New Frontiers depends upon its members to volunteer their time, fulfilling many important roles in our organization. Some roles are ongoing while others might be needed only occasionally, such as twice per year. We encourage our members to contribute their skills by contacting one of our committee chairs to offer their expertise. There are many different volunteer positions and opportunities available. Let us know where you would like to help!

Support Services/Communications Committee

The Communications Committee coordinates the flow of information about activities and events to members and prospective members. Members receive news and information through our website, our newsletter, and an email distribution system. The committee also maintains a Speakers Bureau to conduct presentations for outside groups interested in our organization. We invite you attend one of our meetings to see the many, varied activities conducted by our committee members. Communications Committee meetings are held the fourth Monday of each month. Check our Calendar for dates, times and locations.

Support Services/Communications Committee Members

Meet the members of our committee!

Peggy Randolph, Communications Chair
Support Services/Communications Chair
Peggy Randolph
  • Peggy Randolph - Chair, manages operations and coordinates communications and facilitators
  • Arlys Medlicott - Co-Chair, attends and runs meetings
  • Allan Zisner - Webmaster, Responsible for maintaining the website

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Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for managing all aspects of classes conducted for New Frontiers members. These responsibilities include interviewing prospective class presenters, scheduling classes, and arranging classroom facilities as well as generating the class schedule that is published twice each year. We have a large committee of volunteer members and we are always looking for more members. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available!

Curriculum Committee Members

Meet the members of our committee!

Suzanne Brown, Curriculum Chair
Curriculum Chair
Suzanne Brown
Cindy Schrantz, Curriculum Chair
Curriculum Chair
Cindy Schrantz
  • Suzane Brown - Chair, manages operations and coordinates communications
  • Cindy Schrantz - Co-Chair
  • Donn Cahill – Changes at a Glance author
  • Lynn Sapyta - Grid Master, Class Coordinator
  • Greg Master - DVD Librarian
  • Rea Dias - ProClass Coordinator
  • Diane Batchlor - Data Coordinator (Class Statistics and Service Hours)
  • Nancy Spence - Open House Coordinator
  • Jennifer Wong - Class Schedule printing, Non-MCC venue Liaison and Summer Class Schedule Designer
  • Dovie Bryant - Class Schedule Designer
  • Pam Carter - Facilitator Trainer
  • Patty O'Brien - Guest Gift Coordinator
  • Gary Kleemann - ASU Emeritus Liaison
  • Rea Dias - Lead Gatekeeper
  • Jane Severin - Gatekeeper
  • Diane Batchlor - Gatekeeper
  • Jean Bruno - Gatekeeper
  • Anita Herl-Peterson - Gatekeeper

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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee assists people who would like to become members of New Frontiers. The best times to join are in September or January to enjoy an entire semester of classes and social events. You may become a member at our Open House events held at the beginning of each semester. Check our Calendar for dates and times. A New Members Coffee is offered each semester, providing newcomers with an overview of New Frontiers and an opportunity to meet other members.

You are also welcome to attend a Membership Committee meeting. They are held on the first Friday of each month, August to November and January to March. Check the Calendar for dates, times, and locations.

Our committee also helps to support current members of New Frontiers. Contact Diana Pearce, our Sunshine Lady if you know of a member who is experiencing the loss of a dear one, is hospitalized, or has a long-term illness.

Membership Committee Members

Meet the members of our committee!

open position, Membership Chair
Membership Chair
  • Vacant - Chair, manages operations and coordinates communications and facilitators

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Social Committee

The Social Committee plans and organizes all the social events of New Frontiers. Where would we be without fun social events to help us meet other members and acquire lifelong friendships? Along with the monthly "Out-to-Lunch Bunch" at various restaurants in the East Valley, the committee plans our annual holiday party and spring picnic. Tours and additional fun social gatherings are planned throughout the year.

Social Committee Members

Meet the members of our committee!

Arlys Medlicottz, Social Chair
Social Chair
Arlys Medlicott
  • Arlys Medlicott - Chair, manages operations and coordinates communications and facilitators

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Volunteer Committee

The Volunteer Committee coordinates and provides volunteers for Mesa Community College events and to the community. Our Mission is to devise and sustain volunteer opportunities that support and benefit Mesa Community College and the community and interest New Frontiers members who would like to share their time and talents with others. Committee members are assigned, as needed, to coordinate each volunteer event. We always welcome new volunteers and would love for you to join!

Volunteer Committee Member

Meet the members of our committee!

Barbara Thelander, Membership Co-Chair
Volunteer Chair
Barbara Thelander
  • Barbara Thelander - Volunteer Chair, manages operations and coordinates communications and facilitators.
  • Cathy McGonigle - Volunteer Committee
  • Mary McGonigle - Volunteer Committee
  • Mary Adamick - Volunteer Committee

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