Joining New Frontiers

New or returning members

A vast majority of New Frontiers members, new or returning, enjoy the convince of completing the Annual Membership Enrollment Form (Google Form). After submitting the form, you will receive communication about paying the enrollment fee and how to register for NFLL classes.

Registering for New Frontiers Classes after the enrollment fee is paid

New members joining New Frontiers are encouraged to create an account even if your enrollment fee has not been paid at Member's Account. On the registration screen to the right of "New User?" select "Start Here." Complete your profile, user name and password. This must be done for each person registering.

There are a few classes with early start dates one may register for prior to Open Registration. Open Registration for all members follows New Frontiers Open House.

Update your Profile

All returning members are encouraged to update your personal profile in the Member's Account annually. The majority of New Frontiers' communication is via email. There is the occasional mailing of the Fall and Spring classes schedules.

By updating your profile, this is a great way to stay in touch with upcoming events.

Additional Help or Assistance

If you have any questions or need assistance about enrolling, please call 480-461-7497 or email Neva Hansen or Michelle Chambers.

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