Outdoor Activities

New Frontiers has several outdoor activities: hiking, walking and bicycle riding. Each activity has a different level of difficulty, no experience required. To have a positive experience, contacting the leader with your questions prior to participating the activity is strongly recommended.

Risk Form

Risk Form

New Frontiers Consolidated Risk Form, revised Oct 25, 2019

Participation in these actives require you have read, signed and dated the New Frontiers Consolidated Risk form. Submit only one form. It covers current and future risk activities. Leaders for the activity will also have copies available for your consent to participate.

Tuesday Trailers Hikes

Members take turns leading the hiking group taking advantage of our wonderful parks and natural forests. They stop frequently to enjoy the scenery along the way.

Click here for the Trailer's Hike schedule. Hikes are subject to change.

Trailer Hike Dates: Trailer hikes start on the 2nd Tuesday after the Open House and go through the end of the school semester. Additional hikes could be added, including special hikes at nonĀ­standard times.

Wednesday Walkers

Join us as we explore local parks. Enjoy fresh air, a bit of leisure exercise and good company! Restrooms in all but Desert Arroyo Park. Each park has benches, Ramadas and nice scenery. Please bring water, a hat, snack, and wear your name tag. Walks will begin at 9:30 am, please arrive earlier to sign in. Members enrolled in this class will receive an email with locations and directions for our weekly meetings.

Thursday Bicycle Rides

The Thursday bicycle rides are 10 to 15 miles along the multiuse canal paths. A majority of the paths are paved and/or compacted gravel. Any bicycle will do. One must be able to transport their bicycle to the starting location.

Friday Trailblazers Hikes

The Trailblazers offer a challenge in hikes of 5-7 miles with an elevation change of 300-1,000 feet. The trails are more difficult and challenging for this group and can be steep and rocky at times. Hikers should come prepared with proper hiking shoes, walking sticks/poles, water, hat and snacks and be in good reasonably good health.

Click here for the Trailblazer's Hike schedule. Hikes are subject to change.

Trailblazers Hike Dates: Trailblazers hikes start on the 2nd Friday after Open House and go through the end of the school semester. Additional hikes may be added, including special hikes at non-scheduled times. exclusion hike dates: New Member's Coffee and the General Meeting.

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