Letter from the President

cindy schrantz, president
Cindy Schrantz

Just Listen

Have you noticed how conversations are more meaningful when you truly listen to the other person? This is especially true when it comes to connecting with loved ones or others whose priorities might differ greatly from your own.

The other day my granddaughter was telling me about her friend, whose boyfriend was caught with another girl. It was the most important thing going on in her world at the time and I listened to her point of view on what her friend should do or not do. In the end, she did not really want my opinion or advice, she just wanted to talk about it. It was refreshing to talk about something other than politics, world affairs, the border, and so forth.

Taking time to really listen requires some focus and while I think I’m pretty good, sometimes I have to remind myself to pay attention. That’s what I appreciate about the NFLL community. Our members have good, honest, respectful conversations. Whether it’s in class or in a social setting, we seem to listen and learn from one another. By actively listening to one another members learn and connect. If you want to try a be a better listener,

  • Pay attention to what the person is saying, instead of formulating your response.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Show interest.
  • Avoid interrupting.

Cindy Schrantz
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