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COVID-19 Updates: MCC student enrollment and support services are available via web, chat, and phone. Physical campuses are only open to students attending on-campus classes, those with an appointment, and MCC employees.

Val D' Orcia in Tuscany by Marie-France


If you want to advance your learning and pursue new experiences in a fun friendly setting, this is the place! We offer an array of stimulating, whimsical, and educational classes as well as social events and volunteer opportunities.

We use the unique experiences, capabilities, and diversity of our members to be a self-governing, self-sustaining organization. We are sponsored by Mesa Community College (MCC).


The fee to join New Frontiers is just $60 per year! You can attend as many classes as you want for that fee. You can begin enrolling in New Frontiers, starting July 6. Membership is for a full year from September 1 – August 31, although you can become a member anytime.

If you are new to New Frontiers, you will first need to enroll as a non-credit student through MCC. Click here and you’ll find the information you need to enroll.

If you are a returning member, click here for information you need to pay your annual membership fee.


Fall classes begin September 27 and run through December 10. You can begin registering for classes starting September 10.

Welcoming letter from Roland Tanner, President of New Frontiers

roland tanner

Dear New Frontier Friends,

In response to the current Pandemic, New Frontiers for Lifelong Learning (NFLL), in coordination with MCC requirements, will not have any on-site classes at either Dobson or Red Mountain Campuses for Fall of 2020. Your volunteer NFLL curriculum team in conjunction with some hustle from other volunteers within NFLL have put together over 50 online Video Classes hosted in Zoom or WebEx.

MCC has been kind enough to allow us use of their enterprise WebEx Meeting license for most of the presenters of the classes. We will have training for both Video Applications for folks taking the courses and for hosts (facilitators) or presenters. The training schedule for Zoom and WebEx will be forthcoming. We understand that this is a huge leap for many of you and we will make every effort to make it work so all of you can continue on your lifelong learning path.

All current NFLL members have an MEID login (which typically is the first three letters of you first name followed by numbers) and access to an MCC Gmail free account at This allows ALL of you access to Office 365 which is currently sold at $99.00 per year.

All of you also have access to student discounts on educational products and the Google Suite of software under your MCC account. This includes Google Meet (comparable to ZOOM) which is now free under your MCC student status. To the general public this Google Meet will no longer be free after September 30, 2020.

I am encouraging all of you to support NFLL in these times of uncertainty and join NFLL for this fall and next spring session. NFLL will continue to abide with MCC guidelines regarding face to face classes. I am sure we will have more exciting online classes as we become more accustomed to them.

Kind regards to all of you,
Roland Tanner
President NFLL

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